Digital Eyes Film was founded in 2003, less than one year after I graduated from Columbia University. I did not study film and had no plans to produce media. I was a writer goddammit. But life had other plans, and through a series of misadventures, I uncovered a knack for shooting and editing and began to cobble together short films. I had been telling stories in one form or another my entire life, so in ways it was a natural progression. Concurrently, documentary film was busting into the mainstream as a medium to be reckoned with. And so a combination of personal and external forces collided to set me on the potholed path of life as an indie producer.
Nearly 15 years, countless projects, and 45 million hours worth of raw footage later, I am humbled by what we do. The intention is leave behind a body of work, like etchings in stone, that last much longer than we do. To reach more people than we could talk to in ten lifetimes. To entertain. To educate. Enlighten. Sneak in a good laugh or two. At Digital Eyes Film, we pride ourselves on producing media that matters. On discovering and telling the untold stories, and providing our clients with the personal touch and breadth of experience that we bring to the table. We’re going to push the limits of storytelling and independent distribution, and ultimately make manifest the difference that media with heart creates. Because goddammit, it’s what we do.
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PJ Moynihan, Founder/Owner