Healing Voices is a social action documentary Produced by Digital Eyes Film which explores the experiences commonly labeled as “psychosis” or “mental illness” through the real-life stories of individuals working to overcome extreme mental states, and integrate these experiences into their lives in meaningful ways. The movie premiered at the Boston International Film Festival in 2016 and has screened in 500+ communities around the world via an aggressive, grass roots release plan developed and executed exclusively by Digital Eyes Film.


Spaceman is a scripted feature Co-Produced by Digital Eyes Film, which tells the story of former pro baseball player and counter culture icon Bill Lee (Josh Duhamel, Transformers) being blackballed from the major leagues. The film was released theatrically in the United States via MGM/Orion on August 19, 2016. The movie is Written and Directed by Brett Rapkin of Podium Pictures, and was an Official Selection of the San Diego International Film Festival.


Eye on the Dream is 10-part documentary series Produced by Digital Eyes Film about amateur baseball in the prestigious New England Collegiate Baseball League, which chronicles young men chasing their dream of playing professional baseball. The series broadcast nationally in the United States on Comcast Sports Network, and was presented by Verizon. It was an Official Selection of the National Baseball Hall of Fame Film Festival.


Fight Town is a historical documentary chronicling the development of Holyoke, Massachusetts – America’s first master-planned industrial city – by way of its sandlot diamonds, wooden gymnasiums and smoke-filled fight clubs. The film was originally released in 2005, before being re-edited for broadcast on WGBY-PBS in 2011, sponsored by O’Connell Oil Associates. This was Digital Eyes Film’s first production, produced in partnership with the City of Holyoke and support from the local business community.