Digital Eyes Film is an US-based (Northampton, MA) independent media/production company specializing in documentary film, social impact media, independent distribution, and media consulting. Since 2003, our team has logged countless hours in all corners of the media and entertainment industry, producing content from feature films and documentary series, to premium content for a global client base of NGOs and community-based organizations.
At Digital Eyes Film, we produce media with heart. Our goal is to entertain. To educate. To enlighten. To fight for the underdog, and tell the untold stories. We pride ourselves on delivering our audiences, partners, colleagues, and clients an unmatched combination of human touch and breadth of experience on projects large and small.
We will continue to push the boundaries of independent storytelling and distribution, and manifest the multiplicities of change that media and entertainment create in our lives, our communities, and society writ large.
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PJ Moynihan, Founder/CEO